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If you ask us what the philosophy behind the Finisseur Pro Race range is, the answer couldn’t be clearer: to put technology at the service of performance. The Finisseur Pro Race Carbon jersey features for the first time textile technology with carbon filaments in a short sleeve jersey that provides performance improvements thanks to the effect of its electrical properties on blood circulation.

Carbon fibre makes its way into cycling clothing

The use of carbon fibre in cycling has so far been reserved for the construction of frames and components. Carbon fibre’s properties of lightness, durability and strength make it ideal for building high-end, performance-oriented frames and components without compromise. But its use as a textile fibre is not far behind in terms of the benefits it offers. By including carbon filaments in the fibres of this jersey (the composition is 80% Polyester, 15% Elastane and 5% Carbon), a double effect is achieved. On the one hand, we prevent the electrical charges around us from being dispersed throughout our body. On the other hand, carbon improves the body’s electrical performance by promoting blood circulation and oxygenation of the cells

By avoiding being affected by electric fields, we reduce the incidence of muscle contractions, cramps and fatigue. And by improving blood circulation, our muscles suffer less fatigue and we are able to cycle for longer hours. As the oxygenation of the cells is more efficient, what we achieve is a reduction in oxygen demand, a lower heart rate and less lactic acid production.

Performance and aerodynamic styling

In addition to the physiological performance improvements brought about by the carbon filaments, this Finisseur Pro Race Carbon short sleeve jersey maintains the personality and performance of the Pro Race range. This means lightness, elegance and functionalities aimed at helping us perform at our best. The garment is very close fitting, so that the fit helps the overall aerodynamics on the bike. The bi-stretch fabric, capable of expanding lengthwise and width wise, ensures a perfect fit, with no creases or pockets. The sleeves, with a medium-long length, fit snugly and help to cut through the air efficiently. The flat, slightly peaked collar is very wide to allow excellent ventilation

Other details of a more practical nature round off the high standards that characterise this garment. The rear silicone band prevents the jersey from being dragged down by the weight of items carried in its three pockets. On the other hand, the zip is of the Camlock type, and is personalised with the Finisseur logo. 

Innovation and quality for maximum performance

The slim fit and lightness of this Finisseur Pro Race Carbon jersey already indicates that it is reserved for the most demanding cyclists. At first it took a bit of getting used to such an open collar, as it leaves the area very exposed and if the atmosphere is cool in the early hours, it can get a bit chilly. However, this same feature has become a great ally when we have faced a mountain pass in the sun. This jersey would make an excellent companion to the Finisseur Pro Climber bib shorts, as both garments help to evacuate heat very efficiently. 

Regarding the electrical qualities of the carbon filaments used in their manufacture, we have not been able to establish a rigorous comparison, but the use of fabrics based on carbon fibre is supported by scientific studies and is used in many industrial processes thanks to its high conductivity. In the highly competitive world of cycling, the sum of the small details, which together can make a significant improvement in performance, are becoming increasingly important. In any case, the whole jersey, with its racing cut design, close-fitting sleeves, open collar and generous, stable pockets thanks to a stabilising silicone band, is an excellent addition to the Pro Race range.

Technical fabrics with performance-enhancing carbon filaments.

Lightweight and aerodynamic, ideal for summer.

Very slim racing size.

The very open collar may be too cool.

Technical information:


Finisseur Pro Race Carbon Short Sleeve Jersey Light Blue  

Short sleeve jersey with a close-fitting cut, incorporating 5% carbon filaments in its fabrics to improve the electrical performance of the body.

Medium-long length.

Personalised zip with Finisseur Camlock logo.

Back pockets
Three logo printed pockets.

Available colours
Light Blue, Orange, Blue.

XXS to 3XL


86.95 €

More information here 

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