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Gravel is gaining more and more followers every day and this is also reflected in a wider range of cycling clothing with designs specially designed for this discipline that combines adventure and performance. Long days in the saddle and the demands of dirt roads are the challenges these garments have to overcome.

A jersey for gravel?

What makes a jersey like this one suitable for gravel riding? At first glance it looks like just another jersey. But in reality, what distinguishes it are small details that respond to the needs of a practice that combines discovery and adventure on back roads and dirt tracks.

The gravel cyclist is usually an experienced rider, and therefore demands jerseys made of technical, durable, quick-drying fabrics and equipped with generous pockets. Since adventure is his thing, he is sure to spend many hours on his bike, even when the sunlight has already disappeared. That’s why you’ll need a comfortable jersey, with a wide collar that won’t get in the way when the heat gets hot, and that pairs well with a tubular to protect you from wind and dust. And he will also appreciate that the jersey incorporates reflective elements to help him be seen when it gets dark.

Everything it needs to be a good gravel jersey

Made with technical fabric, with a combination of 95% polyester and 5% elastane, the Finisseur Pro Gravel jersey has a very natural and comfortable cut, which does not make it too tight (although we can play with the sizes if we prefer it tighter). In fact, the pattern of the jersey at the bottom, where it should fit around the waist and hips, is slightly wider, bell-shaped, so as not to be uncomfortable on long rides.

In keeping with the demands of the gravel discipline, the pockets of this jersey are large and include several reflective elements to help you be seen in low visibility conditions. Both the Finisseur logo, printed on the central rear pocket, the lower elastic band, and a red detail on the side, passively reflect light, making us visible to the headlights of a vehicle approaching from behind.

This jersey is also designed to withstand the heat and be comfortable, incorporating an open cut collar, although it is true that in the early mornings it can be too cool, something that can be alleviated with a good windbreaker or a Finisseur neck warmer.

A garment that wins when you wear it

As you can see from the pictures, this jersey, in addition to scoring high on the list of gravel discipline requirements, it has an extremely attractive design. The green colour of the jersey we tested is very eye-catching and looks really good in the sunlight. The darker coloured front patch incorporating the Finisseur logo, which we had doubts about before putting on the jersey, suits the overall design very well, breaking the symmetry and monotony of a totally flat jersey.

Gravel needs this jersey

Trying out a gravel jersey like this one convinced us that a dedicated line for this discipline, which is rapidly growing in popularity, was indeed necessary. Although we have also practised gravel cycling with non-specific garments, it is very much appreciated to be able to enjoy details designed for this type of cycling.

The demands of long days in the saddle, the wear and tear of riding on dirt roads and the need for sufficient storage space are all characteristics of gravel riding that have been taken into account in the design of this jersey.

In addition to all this, the Finisseur Pro Gravel jersey looks really nice to wear. And this is important when it comes to gravel, because in this discipline the personalisation and aesthetics of the rider-bike combination are fundamental.


Large, adventure-ready pockets.

Comfort for long days.

Very attractive design.


The open collar can feel very cool when temperatures are low.

Technical information:


Finisseur Pro Gravel Short Sleeve Jersey

Short sleeve jersey designed for performance and comfort in road cycling. Designed for many hours of adventure in the saddle.

Short with hem without added elastic.

CamLock with inner protection against chafing.

Rear pockets
Three generously sized pockets.

Colours available
Green, Anthracite, Ruby Red.

XS to 3XL

67.95 €

More information here

Finisseur Pro Gravel Jersey
Test: Finisseur Pro Gravel Jersey Gravel is gaining more and more followers every day and this is also reflected in a wider range of cycling clothing with designs specially designed for this discipline that combines adventure and perfor …
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