Test: Putting the Saucony XODUS ULTRA 2 to the test

When it comes to long-distance trail running, it is always synonymous with fatigue, effort and preparation. At deporvillage, we prepare you in the best way to face a high-level challenge: to overcome a trail of more than 60 kilometres. 

Preparation tips

To begin with, it is essential to carry out a good planning of workloads in order to avoid injuries. The body has to be prepared for the possible instabilities of the terrain, in order to face them without harming itself.

Next, it is essential to do digestive training to ensure optimum performance on the day of the race, and hydration beforehand is also very important to be able to maintain a good pace throughout the stages. 

Mental preparation is paramount, as it will help prevent negative thoughts from keeping you from your goal. Finally, we recommend that you get professional help if you need it, so that you can face a race of so many kilometres with the best guarantees.

Material required

Even if you are a running enthusiast, in this type of race you need to consider the preparation of specific material to be able to participate. We share with you the essentials to join the 62k challenge:

  • Mountain running shoes and socks
  • Thermal or survival blanket
  • Hydration system, hydraulic reservoir of at least 1 litre and containers for refilling at refreshment posts
  • Backpack or equivalent system
  • Waterproof jacket with Gore-Tex or similar technology
  • Food reserve: gels, bars, fruit..
  • Second thermal layer of at least 180g
  • Tights or 3/4 leggings in combination with leg warmers
  • Cap, neck warmer or something similar that covers the whole head
  • Mobile phone switched on and battery charged at start-up
  • Whistle

Choosing the right shoes – Saucony Xodus Ultra 2

As for the choice of specific mountain footwear, for this challenge we have chosen the Saucony Xodus Ultra 2 which provide good traction, protection and are specially designed for long trails.

They have a new design, exclusive to the Xodus Ultra 2, formulated to be lighter without losing maximum protection and cushioning – built for endurance, to offer more room and comfort as you put in the miles.

These are the main technical features of the shoes:

  1. Increased heel foam for comfort and secure fit
  2. Protective shield against dirt and rocks 
  3. Internal reinforcement in the midfoot safety
  4. Lightweight and breathable mesh package
  5. Reliable rock protection, underfoot protection

The perfect combination of style and the support needed to tackle the most technical terrain. They feature breathable mesh for support, a cushioned insole and a carbon rubber outsole. 

The Xodus Ultra 2 energise the run and have enough grip to keep you moving forward. We’ll tell you more about their technology: Powered for the last stages of the run, you can rely on the PWRRUN PB foam for the legs and the PWRRUN structure to gently secure the foot. The 3-piece PWRTRAC outsole offers incredible traction on uncharted terrain.

Our runner Oriol Massó, from deporvillage, faced the challenge of tackling a 62km trail and tells us how the experience was wearing the Saucony Xodus Ultra 2:

The main feature that Oriol would highlight about this model is the comfort; being a shoe designed for long distance, the cushioning is very important, and this model fulfils very well in this aspect. 

As it is a long race, in which you are running for many hours, the characteristics of these shoes make them a very good option to recommend them for any trail of long duration.

As to the differences compared to other footwear previously used, Oriol tells us that he would highlight, apart from their comfort, the protection they offer. The Saucony Xodus Ultra 2 have a solid structure that protects the foot from stones or other elements that we can hit.

Finally, we asked him about his feelings, how the race went and the challenge. Oriol comments: As we have been saying, comfort is the main feature to highlight, I see it as a good sign not to have to think about the shoes while you are running because that means that everything is going well.

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