How to choose the right running shoes

According to a recent study by ASICS, more than 80% of runners wear the wrong running shoes. That’s why this brand of trainers has devised a classification that makes it easier for runners to choose the right footwear.

ASICS brand founded by the Japanese Kihachiro Onitsuka in Kobe, has been promoting the idea of “healthy body healthy mind” through its products since 1949. Thanks to their expertise in this field, ASICS now has the most popular shoes among runners and offer the right model for every type of runner. No matter if you want to run further, faster, through the mountains or through the city, ASICS has the right running shoes for you.

1. What should you consider when buying your running shoes?

In order to buy the footwear that best suits your needs, it is very important to take into account:

  • What kind of footfall you have when you run: first of all, you must know if you are a pronator, supinator or if you have a neutral stride. Depending on the type of stride you have you will need a greater or lesser degree of support.
  • What are your goals: it is not the same to run far (longer) than to run fast and that is why the shoes cannot be the same in both cases either.
  • The terrain where you run: running in the mountains is very different from running in the city. Depending on the type of terrain you run on, you will have to choose one type of shoe over another.

2. Long distance running shoes


If you’re into long distance running, you need a shoe that provides high levels of cushioning, support and comfort on a lasting basis.

However, it is important to consider the type of stride before choosing the perfect shoe for you. For neutral or slightly pronatory runners, we present the ASICS neutral shoe line with intelligent technologies that will boost your long training.

Some examples of a neutral shoe for longer running would be:

  • Gel-Nimbus: durable comfort with GEL™ technology both front and rear to improve performance and reduce load, plus TRUSSTIC™ technology to provide stability. It also features a lightweight, high-performance mesh for increased breathability.
  • Gel-Cumulus: perfect for long distances on asphalt. With technology FLYTEFOAM™ and FLYTEFOAM™ Propel that offers excellent rebound and energy. The combination of front and rear GEL™ technology provides shock absorption that is difficult to find in other shoes.

In contrast, we recommend the ASICS stability shoe for runners with pronation, which combines exceptional comfort and great support:

  • Gel-Kayano: exceptional comfort and support. Thanks to the GUIDANCE TRUSSTIC technology SYSTEM™ you will feel a higher level of stability. Also, if you tend to pronate while running, don’t worry, this model has the DUOMAX™ technology that will provide you with smooth pronation control.

3. Shoes for running faster


There are runners who prefer long-distance speed. For this type of runner, ASICS recommends buying lightweight, durable shoes that also guarantee good support.

Examples of a neutral shoe for running faster:

  • Novablast: running shoes with great reactivity. Their lightweight design includes an explosive foam midsole, FLYTEFOAM™ BLAST, for energetic rebound.
  • Gel-Noosa: Lightweight running shoes that perfectly combine comfort and support with GEL™ technology for increased cushioning.

For runners who are looking for stability shoes for fast running:

  • Gel-DS Trainer: A shoe with an exceptional fit while reacting to your training and fastest races. With GEL™ technology for greater shock absorption and TRUSSTIC propulsion for greater rebound take-off.

4. Trail running shoes


When running in the mountains, it is very important to have footwear that guarantees good traction, good grip and, in addition, correct protection. We recommend the following family:

  • Fujitrabuco: Within the Fujitrabuco family, you can find the trail running shoe that best suits your needs. No matter if your goal is to run faster or further, we encourage you to take a look at this product range to find the model that best suits your goals.

So, whatever kind of runner you are, there’s no longer any excuse for not finding the right shoe for you.

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How to choose the right running shoes
How to choose the right running shoes According to a recent study by ASICS, more than 80% of runners wear the wrong running shoes. That's why this brand of trainers has devised a classification that makes it easier for runners to choose the …
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How to choose the right running shoes

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