Hip and groin pain when cycling: causes and remedies

The joint that joins the hip to the leg is the largest in our body. Despite being particularly resistant to wear and tear and repetitive movements, this part of the body is easily irritated and, unfortunately, this problem is quite common among cyclists.

Let’s see what the possible causes of this pain are and their remedies.


Let’s start by saying that hip-related problems don’t necessarily manifest themselves in pain located in the joint area (outer hip), but also in pain in the groin or thigh area (not below the knee).

The problem may also cause limited joint movement and swelling. Pain can also occur away from training, especially if you stand up for a long time after resting.


For cyclists, hip pain can be caused by three types of problems, but they should always be diagnosed by a specialist:

    Inflammation of the Iliotibial band tendon is a common cause of pain in the hip and thigh area. One discomfort that can be caused by your posture on the bike. For this reason, we recommend that you consult an expert in biomechanics to know the most suitable position.
    In case of considerable exercise, the cause of hip pain could be the inflammation of the serous membrane in the greater trochanter (Outer side of the pelvis). In this case, the pain may intensify during the night, when the your lied on your back. A specialist doctor will be able to help with the correct cure and recovery.
    The cyclist may be subject to wear on the hip cartilage, due to old age or excessive intense training. This is a fairly serious disease, which also requires the intervention of a specialist.


In the case of inflammation (tendinitis or bursitis in the hip), the condition can be cured with rest (without training), cold packs and the use of analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs that help reduce both hip pain and inflammation, facilitating recovery. If it is osteoarthritis, the situation is more complex. In any case, a visit to a specialist is essential.

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