Gravel or Mountain Bike? Which to choose?

Gravel or mountain bike? This is a topic that is discussed very often among us two-wheel lovers.

The fact that there is a lot of talk about it, moreover, means that a clear and definitive answer has not yet been found. Obviously, the easiest thing would be to buy both.

If we were looking at fashion and style, we’d probably choose a gravel bike. It is the world that has evolved the most in recent years and it is the one that is growing more and more in the press releases of different companies.

But here we want to analyse both options and see which is best suited to each individual.


Obviously, we are talking about Hardtail MTB, where you have to pedal, and a lot.

It is right for us if we like to face the not very complicated terrains, nor very difficult muddy descents, with little asphalt, and we have in mind, perhaps, to participate in some competitions.

It’s definitely the bike for those looking for the most extreme off-road experience.

The downhill driving position makes things much easier, and you can reach significantly higher speeds with greater safety.

The very wide handlebars ensure better manoeuvrability. This is why many professional road cyclists also use the mountain bike in some training sessions.


The gravel bike is perfect for mixing difficult terrain and asphalt.

The morphology of the bike, the position on the saddle and the shape of the handlebars are very similar to those of a road bike and all this makes this type of bike the one chosen by many road cyclists who want to venture into some off-road adventure.

Let’s say the gravel bike  lets you do just about everything from asphalt to mud, but obviously the price to pay is that none of the things you choose to do will be at peak performance. For skiers, it’s a bit like ski mountaineering: you can go everywhere, but it’s never specific.

The gravel bike is also perfect if you want to think about a trip on two wheels. With its more relaxed geometry and wider tyres, it is perfect for carrying bags and backpacks, both on the tarmac and on dirt roads.


Another factor that could affect the choice is price, but unfortunately it is not very useful here.

In both cases, you can find entry models of around one thousand euros and from there they rise according to the different specifications. If you opt for carbon fibre frames, prices and lightness increase, but in that case, you would usually already have very clear idea about which bike is right for you.

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Stefano Francescutti

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