NNormal x Athletes Dream Experience: In collaboration with Kilian Jornet’s exclusive brand NNormal, we have lived an unforgettable three-day experience with four of our deporXperience programme members.

This past August 8th, four lucky winners of our first Athletes Dream Experience draw travelled to Chamonix to spend 3 unforgettable days with NNormal. We’ll tell you all about this incredible experience with all the details!

Day 1: Welcome to Chamonix!

It all started with the departure of the deporvillage team with Hugo, Pili, Jairo and Mar – the four members of deporXperience who won the trip to Chamonix – and Pedro Moya (@palabraderunner) and Isabel del Barrio (@onmytrainingshoes) – leading influencers in the world of running – to Geneva airport. Once all the team was assembled at the Swiss airport, we took a transfer to Chamonix. It was already exciting to feel so close to the Alps and to be surrounded by such an epic environment full of spectacular scenery!

Arriving at the hotel where we would be staying for the next 3 days, located in the centre of Chamonix, the team encountered the first of the surprises. An incredible welcome pack awaited them in their rooms to kick off the experience: two official NNormal – deporvillage cotton and technical T-shirts, a water bottle, socks, a cap and no more and no less than a pair of NNormal Tomir shoes. Now we were ready to take on the big challenges in Chamonix!

If there was one thing we had come to do in the French Alps, it was to run, so on the first day we put on our Tomir shoes and tested them with a short training run around Chamonix. The route was led by Francisco, Community Manager of NNormal and a great enthusiast of the trail world, as it was not surprising.

And to recharge our batteries for everything that awaited us the next day, we finished the day with a dinner where we tasted the typical gastronomy of the French Alps. A cuisine designed to combat harsh winters where you can’t miss lots and lots of cheese, in its different forms.

Day 2: Workshop and Meet&Greet with the NNormal Team

The second day started with a workshop with Birte Fahrbach and Zoe Geoghegan, product managers at NNormal. We were able to get to know the brand up close and understand everything there is behind it, its product creation and development processes and its commitment to always working true to its values.

After the workshop we had some free time to explore Chamonix before the next activity. Time off? in Chamonix? Evidently we spent it jogging in the mountains along a route to the Mer de Glace, famous for being the longest glacier in France!

We then went to the Cinéma Vox to attend “Elevate Earth”, an event organised by NNormal and the Kilian Jornet Foundation that focused on climate change, environmental impact and trail running. At the event we were able to enjoy presentations by experts and short interviews with Kilian Jornet and other elite athletes from NNormal, such as Emilie Forsberg, Tòfol Castanyer, Dakota Jones, Peyton Thomas and Max Romey.

And then came the long-awaited moment. After leaving the cinema, we went to meet the whole NNormal team for an exclusive meet&greet. There we were able to meet Kilian Jornet and all the NNormal athletes who were at the event. It was really exciting to be able to share a chat with a trail running legend like Kilian Jornet and many other trail running references. 

Day 3: We are going on a training camp!

To end this great experience, on the last day we got up early and prepared for what was to come: a training session with Dakota Jones, an elite athlete from the NNormal team. He came to have breakfast with us at the hotel and, from there, we set off on a training trip to Montenvers. The team was able to experience an unparalleled training session, sharing tips and experiences with Dakota in a spectacular setting.

And with this activity and emotions running high, we concluded the first Athletes Dream Experience in Chamonix with NNormal. A truly inspiring trip, where the camaraderie and passion for the sport made this experience unbeatable.

Pedro Moya, content creator, says: “It has been great to get to know what a brand like NNormal is like from the inside, in such a spectacular environment as Chamonix and with such an incredible team. An unbeatable experience. For his part, Jairo Laguna, member of deporXperience, winner of the experience, tells us: “From this experience I will keep the teammates I have met and all that I have been able to learn from them and have been able to share training sessions and talks with professional athletes in an incredible environment”.

And this is only the beginning of what is to come in deporXperience. 

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