Test: Finisseur Thermal Recycled Long Sleeve Base Layer Top

Maybe you can’t see it, but you can definitely feel it! This could be the slogan for this long-sleeved vest, ideal for those colder days when you need to keep your body warm and at the same time enjoy good breathability.

And all this, with the least possible impact on the environment, as its Q-Nova fabric is composed of more than 40% recycled fibres.

Lightweight and environmentally-friendly technical fabric

Probably the star of this garment is the Q-Nova fabric, a nylon fibre obtained from a process of mechanical recycling of materials that would otherwise have been discarded. This process, being mechanical, does not involve the use of chemical materials, and results in a polymer from which Q-Nova fibres are obtained. 

In addition to its eco-friendly pedigree, the properties of this fibre make it ideal for garments such as this Finisseur Thermal Recycled long sleeve base layer top. For example, it is very light, much lighter than similar garments made of cotton or polyester, and conforms to the ISO 62:2008 standard, which improves moisture management to keep the skin dry

The end result is a fabric that is very lightweight and results in a shirt that can be worn in a wide temperature range from -2°C to 16°C.

Tight, but without restricting mobility

In its construction, this long-sleeved base layer uses a differentiated panel system that combines different types of micro-perforation. Thus, we will find a part with greater perforation in the upper part of the sleeves, with a panel that goes from the neck to the elbow, to improve the evacuation of heat, while in the rest of the jersey different fabric densities are used to improve the comfort of the garment and not restrict mobility, while remaining a tight-fitting garment. 

In disciplines where the use of the upper body is more important, such as mountain biking in all its variants, this comfortable fit is appreciated and makes the seams unnoticeable.

Excellent thermal regulation

We had the opportunity to test this jersey on a cold morning, starting our route with only 2° C, and immediately starting to climb a long mountain pass. Combined with a Finisseur Core Thermal Icon long sleeve jersey, we didn’t miss wearing a jacket, nor did we feel hot, despite the effort. 

The good fit to the body, thanks to its differentiated panels and the different densities of the fabric, has made us feel it like a second skin, allowing good air circulation compared to the jersey we were wearing over it. 


Q-Nova technical fabric with low environmental impact.

Differentiated panel construction for better fit and breathability.

High thermal capacity despite its light weight.


The collar could be a little tighter.

Technical information




Finisseur Thermal Recycled Base Layer Top Black 

Long sleeve base layer top made of Q-Nova ecological fabric with a wide thermal range of use.

Colours available
Black and white.

from XXX-XS to XXL-3XL

43.95 €

More information here

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