Finisseur Pro Thermal Bib Tights

The Pro version is the most versatile and comfortable for long distances within the Finisseur winter textile line. This is the version of the bib tights we have tested on this occasion, the Finisseur Pro Thermal, a garment whose greatest attraction is the comfort provided by its pattern and fabrics, the quality and everything else, all for a very reasonable price.

A comfortable pattern for everyone

As we have mentioned, Finisseur’s Pro line includes garments that, like these bib tights, are oriented to intensive use, that have a high performance, but without the demand or level that can be asked for by high-level sportsmen. That is to say, with much more compressive, tighter and higher performance patterns, but that don’t always adapt to the morphologies of all cyclists. In this sense, the Pro Thermal offer a sufficient level of compression so that the garment adapts to our bodies, but with certain moderation. This means that practically nobody feels uncomfortable from excessive pressure in certain areas of the garment, something that is also very important when we want to wear the bib tights on long routes or over long distances.

Warmth at the highest level

The Finisseur Pro Thermal are made of Carvico and Fleece fabric. While the former gives them elasticity and fit, the latter plays an important role in insulating us thermally. It is responsible for the warmth of these bib tights and provides a nice feeling when riding whilst wearing them.

Other bib tights on the market with technical membranes tend to have a more “rigid” texture, a less flexible and elastic fabric and although they protect us from the cold quite well, they tend to be a little more uncomfortable and not as adaptable to areas where you need elasticity in the garment, such as in the thighs.

In this case, the combination of elasticity and warmth is optimal. This is sometimes not the case with bib tights like these, which are recommended by the manufacturer for really cold temperatures (between -5ºC and 10ºC). On this test we didn’t experience negative temperatures, but we did reach around 0ºC and we found them really warm, something that is especially appreciated whilst road biking.

Chamois, straps, panels, all in the right place

In addition to the comfort provided by the pattern and the warmth of their fabrics, they have a magnificent structure in terms of their straps and panels on the torso and back. The straps are totally flat, seamless, elastic and are about 4 centimetres thick. This means that at no time do you feel the pressure of a strap that is too narrow or one that twists on itself, as can happen in garments with poorly designed straps.

On the other hand, we especially liked the panel on the back, between the straps, which reaches halfway down the back, with a plush interior fabric, like the rest of the garment, which provides warmth in this area. A fabric that nevertheless becomes a microgrid on the upper back to promote perspiration and comfort in this body region where heat accumulates during exercise. Without a doubt, this solution adopted by Finisseur in this area of the bib tights is an excellent one.

The abdominal region is also covered by a panel of thermal fabric that has a small front zipper which makes it easy to put them on and take them off or to adjust the undershirt.

Finally, the chamois pad has a double density design, as is already habitual in high level Finisseur garments, as well as having elastic properties. It adapts perfectly to our movements and also appears to be well-centered in the garment, so it is where we expect to find the chamois, neither too far forward nor too far back, as you might find in other pads.

The only problem we found is that the elastic on the ankles may not fit the legs of thinner bikers properly.

Final verdict

The sensation of riding with the Finisseur Pro Thermal is fantastic if you are looking for versatile and comfortable winter bib tights. They have an excellent combination of thermal protection, adaptation and fit of their fabrics. From the straps, an elastic soft chamois to the very warm lycra. Recommended for those who are looking for very comfortable winter bib tights to eat up those miles.


Excellent comfort due to the adaptation of the fabric and the pattern.


Reflective elements.


Elasticity of the ankles may not fit well for very thin ankles.

Technical Data Sheet




Pro Thermal


Thermal bib shorts made of Carvico and Fleece fabric. Recommended for temperatures between -5ºC and 10ºC. They have reflective elements.

– Straps

Flat and seamless, with thermal fabric on the front panel and mesh on the back.

Chamois pad

With high density panels. 80kg/m3 in the front area and 120kg/m3 in the rear area with a central channel to lower weight in the perineal area. Anti-bacterial treatment.

Leg elastic

Rubber band in the ankle area.

Available sizes:

S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL

Colours available


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We have tested the Finisseur Pro Thermal Bib Tights
Finisseur Pro Thermal Bib Tights The Pro version is the most versatile and comfortable for long distances within the Finisseur winter textile line. This is the version of the bib tights we have tested on this occasion, the Finisseur Pro The …
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We have tested the Finisseur Pro Thermal Bib Tights

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