Test: Finisseur Pro Thermal Bib Tights Women

The Finisseur Pro Thermal line means two things: top performance-oriented quality and total protection against low temperatures. These women’s bib tights also feature a crossover chamois making them suitable for both road and mountain biking.

Bib tights so you don’t fear the winter

The keys to a good thermal garment are good wind and water protection on the outside and an inner lining that insulates well and provides a feeling of thermal comfort right from the start. And these women’s Finisseur Pro Thermal bib tights  deliver on both counts. 

From the moment we put them on we immediately notice how soft and pleasant they feel on our skin. And although they are not waterproof bib tights, the Windtex membrane fabric offers good wind protection and resistance to 10,000 mm of water. This measurement is part of ISO 811 and means that it takes a pressure equivalent to that of a 10-metre column of water for water to penetrate the fabric, so this is very significant water protection for a non-waterproof garment.

Bib tights designed for autumn-winter must also take into account the fact that in those months of the year we enjoy fewer hours of light, and therefore they incorporate a vertical reflective stripe at the calves, as well as a Finisseur logo and another reflective detail on the back of the thighs.

Chamois with extended protection

The chamois is made by the Italian specialist manufacturer Elastic Interface, specifically the Paris Women model. This is a crossover chamois pad, and therefore suitable for both mountain biking and road cycling, with padding in both the perineal and ischial areas, recommended for rides of up to 6 hours

The design of the chamois is fairly uniform and flat, with a curvature on the outside with no angles, providing a smooth transition between the different paddings. In our case it has resulted in an excellent fit, even though we noticed that the chamois is long and stretches a lot in the front. This led us to fear that we might even have too much thermal protection in this area, but the strategically placed ventilation holes have allayed our fears during use.

Quality of the Finisseur Pro line

As usual in the Finisseur Pro range, the bib tights have a number of quality details in their construction. For example, the ankle elastic is made of integrated silicone, while all internal seams are flat. This, which might seem less important in a winter garment, worn in conjunction with other garments such as vests, gives an idea of the care taken in the design of these women’s Finisseur Pro Thermal bib tights

Continuing with the quality details, the bib straps are wide and flat and are made with compression technology that keeps the bib tights in place without compromising freedom of movement. The back panel is made of micro-perforated fabric, but denser than the summer garments. In other words, it is perfectly designed to promote the evacuation of heat in the right part of the garment, where thermal protection is less critical. 

All in all, this is a garment with the quality we are accustomed to from the Finisseur Pro line that does not disappoint in its most important features: good protection against the cold and wind and remarkable water resistance. And it adds some really useful details, like the reflective detailing and shoulder straps to match the ensemble.


Very comfortable fleecy inner side.

Excellent wind protection.

Remarkable water resistance.


We would like to see them in other colours.

Technical information


Finisseur Pro Thermal Bib Tights Black Women 

Women’s winter bib tights from the Finisseur Pro line, with inner thermal lining and excellent wind protection, crossover chamois suitable for road and mountain use and compression technology bib tights. 

Chamois pad
Elastic Interface Paris Women for outings of up to 6 hours, X-Tract fabric for better moisture wicking. 

Flat, manufactured with compression technology.

Colours available



89.95 €

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