Test: Finisseur Pro Short Sleeve Base Layer Top

It is easy to understand the need to wear a thermal T-shirt in winter. But in temperatures up to 30°C (maximum recommended for this Finisseur Pro vest), is it really efficient? We find out in our test of this interesting, technology-packed inner layer.

Thermoregulation and moisture wicking

In terms of technology, this Finisseur Pro vest is very well equipped. It is made of 5% elastane and 95% Dryarn® yarn. It is precisely the Dryarn® fabric that gives it its special properties. Its three-dimensional mesh structure causes moisture from sweat, thanks to static electricity (triboelectric effect), to move away from the hottest part – our skin; towards the coldest part – the fabric of the garment we wear over the vest. This keeps both the skin and the fabric of the vest dry.

Other properties of this fabric are its lightness (it weighs 32% less than the same garment made of wool and 34% less than if it were made of polyester) and it has great insulating capacities. This property causes the fabric to create a barrier that insulates from the outside while wicking sweat and heat away from the outside, keeping us cool when temperatures are high and warm when they are lower.

Putting technology into practice

The theory seems sound, but does it work in real conditions? We tested a Finisseur Pro Merino jersey with and without the Finisseur Pro vest. The difference we noticed is that, when wearing the vest on a morning with temperatures around 26°C, we hardly noticed the sweat we produced whilst exercising. It is as if the very process of moisture escaping to the outside makes this moisture less noticeable on the outer garment. On the other hand, without the vest, the presence of moisture in the jersey fabric was more easily perceived.

In addition to the technical properties of the fabric, the cut and construction of the T-shirt is perfect for an undergarment. The collar is wide so that it doesn’t stick out easily with open-necked jerseys, and the sleeve seams reach to the shoulders and are flat, so they don’t show through at all. Also the waist seam is flat and the waist itself is quite wide, so that it doesn’t interfere with the bottom and we don’t feel any tightness.

Differentiated panels and fabric weave.

If you look at the various panels that make up this T-shirt, you’ll notice that each one is woven with a distinct mesh structure. Thus, the upper part of the shoulders has a lower density than the sleeves. And within each panel, we can also see different plots. On the back, for example, we can see up to three columns with different structures in the fabric, as well as differentiated areas on the front. This vest is a clear example of the degree of sophistication in the composition and manufacture of modern technical fabrics.

A high-tech vest

Although we were already users of vests before, we hadn’t experienced the benefits of Dryarn® fabric yet. Accustomed to simple, very fine mesh vests made of very light micro-perforated panels, this fabric surprised us at first, as it is decidedly dense. It is precisely this density produced by its three-dimensional mesh fabric that is responsible for its thermal efficiency and its ability to wick away moisture.

Although it has a wide collar, it has stuck out of the collar of more than one jersey. Aesthetically we don’t dislike it, but it will no longer be a problem if we adjust the outer jersey properly, the jersey will remain hidden and will not interfere. Although it’s a garment that won’t be seen much, we can’t help but mention that it’s very stylish and the only two details, the Finisseur name on the front and the “Pro” on the back, only enhance the overall look.


Highly technical fabric.

Exemplary temperature and humidity regulation.

Very comfortable cut and structure.


Despite its wide collar, it can protrude from the jersey.

Technical informations


Finisseur Pro Short Sleeve Base Layer Top

Short sleeve vest for wearable temperatures up to 30°C using high-tech Dryarn® fabric for excellent thermoregulation and moisture wicking.


34.95 €

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Finisseur Pro Short Sleeve Base Layer Top
Test: Finisseur Pro Short Sleeve Base Layer Top It is easy to understand the need to wear a thermal T-shirt in winter. But in temperatures up to 30°C (maximum recommended for this Finisseur Pro vest), is it really efficient? We find ou …
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Finisseur Pro Short Sleeve Base Layer Top

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