Test: Finisseur Pro Race Power Bib Shorts

The Finisseur Pro range, the benchmark in terms of performance and technology, continues to grow with the Finisseur Pro Race Power bib shorts. The fabric technologies used provide compression, muscle support and improved circulation. And it all comes in a sober, functional and, above all, comfortable package. And if you add a high-end chamois pad suitable for long distances, you have the ultimate bib shorts for the most demanding riders. 

Fabrics that look after you

The evolution of technical fabrics is going beyond resistance, UV protection or comfort.  The fabrics are now combined to “look after” the body by using different fabrics in different parts of the garment, adapting to the demands of each sport. This is the case with the Finisseur Pro Race Power bib shorts, the top of the Finisseur range in terms of design and textile properties

These bib shorts use up to three types of technical fabrics, designed to specifically target the different muscle groups in the leg. In the biceps femoris area the panels use a compression construction that provides a massaging effect. A nylon microfibre with microcapsules of Novarel Q10, a compound based on ubiquinone, is used on the sides. This coenzyme is present in the body’s cells and here it is embedded in the nylon fibres and helps the regeneration of damaged cells and offers improvements in circulation. Finally, the third type of fabric is a combination of polyester and polyamide used in the most breathable areas, thanks to its internal structure of small polyester squares.

A chamois pad to match

The Elastic Interface Endurance 2.5 HD MEN chamois pad belongs to the EIT Endurance chamois pad range, characterised by its comfort and protection of the pelvic area. The fabric used, EIT Rhombus, combines polyamide and polyester yarns in the same weft. The polyamide ensures a smooth surface in contact with the skin, and reduces the possibility of chafing, while the water-repellent polyester helps to wick away moisture and keep us dry

With different densities of foam in the thinner front and thicker back, this pad is suitable for road and mountain disciplines and has a recommended use beyond seven hours. It is therefore a chamois pad that ensures comfort for a long time.

Improving performance

Like the other bib shorts in the Finisseur Pro Race range, when you put them on you immediately notice their compressive properties. In fact, there is no need to use elastics on the legs thanks to the use of seamless panels which, by means of polyurethane applications, ensure correct support. The compression is not bothersome, and even less so when pedalling. When the fit is guided by the design of the panels and the use of different fabrics, the result is simply great. Not only are they comfortable, but they also invite you to give your all knowing that they will accompany you and improve your performance.

With a low waist and wide straps running parallel from front to back, the bib shorts are comfortable and stay in place. At waist level, a perforated panel improves breathability and at the back, the shoulder straps are pulled down to further improve stability.

Comfort to go faster

As is typical of the Finisseur Pro Race range, these bib shorts are especially recommended for the most performance-minded cyclists and for those who demand high-quality bib shorts capable of accompanying them during long days on the saddle. The properties of their fabrics promote performance, take care of our muscles and their construction ensures maximum comfort. 

During our tests we felt protected, with a garment that fits very well and does not cause chafing or discomfort due to its high-end fabric and chamois. Wearing the Finisseur Pro Race Power bib shorts means you only have to worry about one thing: hitting the pedals hard. 

High-tech fabric.

Very comfortable chamois for long rides.

Comfort and support.

No female version.

Technical information:




Finisseur Pro Race Power Bib Shorts

High-tech, performance-oriented cycling shorts with long-distance chamois, compressive fabrics that offer a massage effect, improved circulation and enhanced breathability.

Flat and soft, they connect to the bottom of the waistband at the bottom of the waist.

Chamois pad
Elastic Interface Endurance 2.5 HD MEN with EIT Rhombus fabric combining water repellent polyester to keep the skin dry and polyamide to prevent chafing. Suitable for outings of more than 7 hours.

Leg elastic
Not used as such but there are polyurethane inserts in the leg panels for non-marking support.

Colours available

XXS to 3XL


94.95 €

More information here

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DescriptionHigh-tech, performance-oriented bib shorts with a long-distance chamois, compressive fabrics that offer a massage effect and improved circulation.
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