Test: Finisseur Pro Gravel Jacket

The ideal clothing for cycling trips has to go beyond pure performance while cycling. Especially for off-road trips with a gravel bike, we need clothing that provides versatility and saves space and weight in our luggage.

This Finisseur Pro Gravel jacket is revolutionary in that sense. The Finisseur’s bet is a garment that protects from the cold and is very comfortable while cycling, and at the same time, when the route is over, it becomes the perfect outdoor jacket.

Designed for bikepacking

Cycle touring, which is all the rage around the world, is all-terrain and is replacing traditional saddle bags with more compact and minimalist bikepacking bags. It mainly uses gravel bikes for greater versatility and is adventurous in all weathers. This Finisseur Pro Gravel jacket is designed to be the perfect jacket for bikepacking

At the heart of bikepacking is adventure and discovery, rather than high sporting performance. It’s about enjoying the scenery while cycling and also the stage finishes, when our experience of the journey goes beyond the bike. This jacket does just that.

Made with Italian technical fabric, it uses a padded polyester fabric that protects from the cold and damp, combined with a perforated inner sleeve fabric that improves breathability and is very elastic in the armpits for greater comfort while pedalling. 

The sleeves are narrow at the cuffs to prevent air from entering during the ride

A jacket also for the end of the route

The first thing that is striking about this jacket is that it does not have the traditional back pockets found on cycling jackets and jerseys. That’s why it can perfectly pass for an outdoor mountain jacket. The idea is that, at the end of the day’s route, we can continue to use it, without the need to add another item of clothing to our luggage. A closer look will reveal that its fit, with a tighter torso and low back panel, is perfect for cycling. In terms of quality and details, it is still a garment from the Finisseur Pro range, but with an emphasis on comfort.

When bikepacking, jacket pockets are not so important for storing items. For this we carry the different bags on the frame, handlebars and saddle of the bike. But even so, this jacket has zipped side pockets (we were able to fit a large mobile phone in) and another one on the chest, where you can carry your documents or money. Other details, such as the silicone waistband or the reflective details on the back, will make life easier while cycling.

A great travel buddy

This is the kind of revolutionary and innovative garment that bike touring enthusiasts have been waiting for. We were lucky enough to use it on a very contrasting autumn bikepacking trip, with very cold temperatures in the morning, warm during the day and again cold at night. We wore the jacket while cycling over a thermal vest, taking advantage of its generous thermal collar. We have worn it open when the temperature rose, and we have kept it in the bag when we had some left over (this is a jacket that due to its volume we cannot keep in the pocket of a jersey, but when folded it has fit perfectly in our handlebar bag).

And of course, at the end of the day, we were able to enjoy an excellent outdoor jacket, with three zipped pockets, a really nice design, and which nobody would think was designed for cycling. you can’t ask for more!


Very versatile, both on and off the bike.

Good protection against the cold.

Aesthetically pleasing, you’ll wear it even when you’re not cycling.


Sleeves slightly narrow at the cuffs.

Technical information




Finisseur Pro Gravel Jacket

Two sides and one on the chest, all with zip fastening.

Padded jacket, with micro-perforated fabric inside sleeves, with a temperature range of 2°C to 15°C, side and front zipped pockets, designed to be worn on and off the bike.  

Colours available
Orange, Khaki, Black

XXS to 3XL


126.95 €

More information here

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