Test: Finisseur Pro Gradient Sleeveless Trisuit

Trisuits are garments whose design has to be very balanced, as their characteristics are put to the test in each of the three sectors of the triathlon: swimming, cycling and running. They should be designed around that balance, so that even if they are not optimal for a particular sport, they perform well enough to not hold us back in any of the three disciplines. With the new Finisseur Pro Gradient triathlon suit, the aim is to square the circle: a balanced and affordable sleeveless triathlon suit for triathlons with maximum guarantees.

The secret is in the fabric

In addition to the pattern, the fabrics used are one of the key factors in their performance. The garment, including the chamois, must be able to dry quickly after coming out of the water, be comfortable to ride in and have good breathability during the ride. The sleeveless Finisseur Pro Gradient uses Aquazero Eco fabric from Italian technical fabric specialists SITIP. It is a fluorine-free, water-repellent, eco-friendly fabric with excellent breathability thanks to the use of hyper-branched polymers. 

Being a one-piece suit, the use of bi-stretch fabrics (they are stretchy in width and height), ensures comfort in key places: in the armpits during swimming and running, and in the legs during cycling and also running. In addition, mesh is used in the underarm area to ensure maximum freedom of movement and the leg elastic is compression elastic with 45 mm of micro silicone on the inside. 

Triathlon specific pad

The chamois is another key element of the trisuit. It must be consistent enough to do its job during the cycling segment, but not become a nuisance during the run. In this case the chamois is provided by Elastic Interface, with the Tri Comp model. This model uses Eco X-Fifty fabric, made from recycled fibres, with a two-layer weave with different weaves. The polyamide in contact with the skin prevents chafing, while the polyester wicks away sweat and moisture. 

The thinner pad thicknesses and slim design ensure that they do not hinder running. At the same time, it offers good protection in the perineal area, which is particularly delicate given the aerodynamic pose typical of triathletes.

A very successful balance

When we first tried the trisuit we hesitated between two sizes and finally chose the smaller size, as a good fit is very important during swimming, as it prevents the formation of annoying air pockets. Another important detail is that the front zip is quite generous in length, which allows us to open the trisuit quite a bit during the race, where the evacuation of heat is more important. 

In contrast to strictly competition trisuits, which are made of a very thin fabric (especially suitable when combined with neoprene for swimming in colder water), this trisuit has a slightly thicker fabric. As a result, it is slightly less breathable (although it compensates for this with the generosity of the zip), but on the other hand, it significantly improves hydrodynamics during swimming. Another feature that makes it very suitable for training is that its back pocket is very generous, so we can carry more things, such as gels, keys or other items that we may need.

Outstanding performance in all three sections

We have found the Finisseur Pro Gradient sleeveless triathlon suit to be a very versatile and we recommend it especially for training. The design and materials used are very well balanced: the zip allows good ventilation during the race if we sweat a lot, the chamois is of very good quality and does not bother us during the race, the fabric is very hydrodynamic and with a good fit prevents the formation of air pockets.

In a technical garment as delicate as this, which has to maintain a good level of comfort and performance in the three sectors of triathlon, this sleeveless Finisseur Pro trisuit maintains a more than remarkable performance.

Generous zip for better ventilation.

Very hydrodynamic thanks to the thickness of its fabric.

Large capacity back pocket.

It can get a bit hot during the race. 

Technical information:




Finisseur Pro Gradient Sleeveless Trisuit

Sleeveless trisuit made of water-repellent Aquazero Eco fabric, with elasticated leg cuffs, mesh underarms and generous back pocket.

Chamois pad
Elastic Interface Tri Comp with perforated padding and X-Fifty fabric.

Leg elastic
45mm in micro silicone inside.

Colours available
Anthracite Black, Yellow Green Black, White Black, Red Black.

XS to 3XL


65.95 €

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Name of the articleTest: Finisseur Pro Gradient Sleeveless Trisuit
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