Test: Finisseur Core Indoor Sleeveless T-Shirt

Weighing just 57 grams, this sleeveless top from the Core range is a true featherweight that you’ll barely notice you’re wearing. Designed for indoor cycling, its design philosophy is clear: lightness, high breathability and comfort. 

In addition, its attractive salmon red colour makes it also suitable for outdoor wear on very hot days, taking advantage of its comfort and lightness.

Minimalist and ultralight T-shirt

The most comfortable and efficient top should always be chosen when on the home trainer. In the case of this Finisseur Core Indoor sleeveless T-shirt, comfort and efficiency are achieved thanks to a minimalist and ultra-lightweight design , resulting in a garment that you hardly notice you are wearing. 

It is not only a sleeveless T-shirt. The back panel is attached to the collar by means of an elastic strap that exposes a large part of the trapezius and deltoid muscles. And its flared cut means that the fit is not tight from mid-torso to hips. This way, the jersey falls naturally at the bottom and does not interfere with the movement of the hips during pedalling.

Comfortable and breathable

With a composition of 82% polyester and 18% elastane, the resulting fabric is highly breathable, a factor that adds to its minimalist design to interfere as little as possible with exercise on the roller. It allows maximum breathability and feels very comfortable, much more so than any normal jersey, no matter how light it is, thanks to the sleeveless and open back cut. 

We found the colour we tested to be extremely attractive, so much so that it’s a garment we’d happily wear outdoors too, for example, on a more casual summer trail, where performance or pocket space isn’t so important.


Wide and comfortable cut.

Maximum breathability.

Attractive design and colour also for outdoor use.


The seam connecting the collar to the back panel is slightly thicker than the rest.

Technical information:




Finisseur Core Indoor Sleeveless T-Shirt Salmon Red Women

Women’s sleeveless T-shirt designed for indoor cycling, very light and breathable. 

Colours available
Black, Salmon Red

XXS to 3XL


37.95 €

More information here

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