Test: Finisseur Core Indoor Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Indoor cycling is becoming increasingly popular because of the flexibility it provides for the cyclist who is short on time or lives in cold or rainy climates. It is therefore necessary to have garments specifically designed for this activity, which has its own characteristics and needs.

Designed for indoor cycling

Indoor cycling has many advantages, but also some disadvantages, which garments like this Finisseur Core Indoor short-sleeved T-shirt can help you overcome. Among these disadvantages is the fact that, when pedalling statically, we do not have the air that circulates around our body when pedalling outdoors. This movement of air helps us to evacuate the heat produced by the body, through convection and evaporation. For this reason, it is advisable to use a fan when cycling indoors.

As it is more difficult to compensate for the higher temperature and humidity found indoors, we must resort to other strategies to enhance our indoor experience. One of the most important of these is to dress appropriately

Excellent heat dissipation

To improve temperature evacuation and enhance comfort during indoor cycling, this short-sleeved Finisseur Core Indoor T-shirt is designed with a roomy fit and breathable panels. Unlike outdoor cycling jerseys, which are usually tight-fitting to improve aerodynamics and be more comfortable, when cycling indoors we want just the opposite: the heat given off by our body to be evacuated quickly

The wider cut of this T-shirt has made it more difficult to stay close to the body, while the panels have helped to improve air circulation. The rear pockets have also been eliminated, so there is no duplication of fabrics that could hinder breathability, and we didn’t really miss their presence, as when pedalling on the trainer there is no need to carry anything in the rear pockets.

Improved riding performance

With a composition of 82% polyester and 18% elastane, this is a very lightweight garment with mesh fabric panels on both sides of the back that extend to the lower sleeves and sides of the torso. This garment can be worn from an ambient temperature of 15°, and is designed to help evacuate the heat produced by the body during the efforts typical of short, intense indoor cycling sessions

With this tight-fitting and very well-ventilated jersey we felt less heat and even if it was only a few watts, wewere able to perform better and for longer on the bike by avoiding the worst effects of increased body temperature.



Wide cut.

Excellent ventilation.


It would be interesting to have a sleeveless version.

Technical information




Finisseur Core Indoor Short Sleeve T-Shirt 

Indoor cycling specific short-sleeved T-shirt with mesh panels and a wide cut for greater comfort and excellent evacuation of body heat.

Colours available
Black Blue

XXS to 3XL


49.95 €

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