Test: Finisseur Core Indoor Cycling Shorts Women

Designed specifically for indoor cycling, these women’s cycling shorts feature perforated fabric on the leg and an elasticated waistband. The women’s chamois pad is both lightweight and suitable for intense sessions, with great support for the perineal area.

Micro-perforations for heat dissipation

The characteristics ofindoor cycling make it advisable to use specific garments and these Finisseur Core Indoor cycling shorts are a good example. Comfort, lightness and good breathability are essential when training indoors. For this purpose, these shorts have been equipped with a micro-perforated area in the quadriceps area which, being the second largest muscle in the human body and one of the muscles that is most exercised during cycling, is also one of the greatest sources of heat during exercise. 

Replacing the bib straps of conventional outdoor bib shorts, the bib shorts use a mid-rise elastic waistband to help you move comfortably and stabilise the garment.

A chamois pad to match

The chamois chosen for these Core indoor shorts is the Indoor Turbo Women from Italian specialists Elastic Interface. It has a medium-high foam density and is suitable for medium-length sessions of more than one hour.  With 3 mm of thickness in the front area and 12 mm in the gluteal support area, it feels firm and is very comfortable during intense efforts in a seated position. In addition to the thickness, the density of the foam is also variable, ranging from 60 kg/m3 in the front area to 120 kg/m3 in the buttocks area. 

Another important issue for a chamois pad designed for indoor cycling is its ability to wick away perspiration. In this case, Elastic Interface’s exclusive X-FIFTY fabric is used. This fabric structures the yarns in a two-level weave, the lower one manages moisture wicking, while the upper one, in contact with the skin, provides comfort and softness to the touch. In intense sessions, we noticed good moisture management due to perspiration. This is always present in indoor training, but tends to transfer to the outside of the garment, keeping our skin relatively dry. Moreover, the pad uses the WP1-Women Protection construction design, with a flat and continuous structure in the perineal area, while the design of the foam in the pelvic tract is designed to promote the correct rotation of the pelvic bones during pedalling.

Our favourite for indoor cycling

The specificity of indoor cycling requires specific materials and designs, and these women’s Finisseur Core Indoor cycling shorts are a complete solution for indoor training. The elimination of the shoulder straps provides a lighter weight, while the fit is secured by the elasticated waistband. Perforated panels in the quadriceps ensure that body heat can escape where it is needed most and the chamois is firm and has a flat, continuous construction.  With the good value for money of Finisseur’s Core range, these women’s cycling shorts have all the features to be our favourite for our indoor cycling sessions.


Firm pad for intense training.

Perforated thigh panels for better heat transfer.

Good waist support.


High waists can be uncomfortable on certain anatomies.

Technical information




Finisseur Core Indoor Cycling Shorts Women

Women’s cycling shorts with perforated fabric on the leg, elasticated waistband and firm, flat design chamois.

Chamois pad
Indoor Turbo model by Elastic Interface, with X-FIFTY fabric for better moisture wicking, flat and continuous WP1-Women Protection design and medium-high foam density.

Colours available
Black Blue



49.95 €

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