Test: Finisseur Core 3/4 Bib Shorts

Finisseur‘s Core range also includes these ¾ length bib shorts, an ideal garment for colder climates or changing conditions. With the comfort of the Core range and all the technology to become a regular in our mid-season wardrobe

Perfect bib shorts for the in-between seasons

Bib shorts with legs below the knee are ideal for protecting these joints from the cold when temperatures are cooler or where the weather can vary from hour to hour. These bib shorts from the Core range are a very interesting solution as they combine comfort with a leg length that protects us and make the use of separate leg loops unnecessary.

They are made with Topazio Coldblack technical fabric that reduces the heat build-up of dark fabrics by allowing infrared and ultraviolet rays to be reflected by the surface of the fabric, which is very important for a mid-season garment. Like the Finisseur Core regular leg bib shorts, they also include 45 mm compression elastic in the leg, siliconised and internally stitched for a better fit. The bib shorts also feature micro-perforated bib straps that end at the back, in a panel that also shares a lower density with the bib straps to improve ventilation and comfort.

Chamois for road and mountain biking

The chamois pad, from the renowned Italian manufacturer Elastic Interface, belongs to the Crossover range and is therefore suitable for both road and mountain biking, and is designed for rides of up to 3 hours.

With a minimalist design and flat surface, this pad stays in contact with the skin to prevent chafing, and features a central channel that reduces pressure on the urethra and promotes blood circulation. The chamois uses Eco X-Tract fabric, 100% recycled origin, which is very soft and uses a structure of channels to wick away moisture: the first channel redirects sweat to the outside of the fabric and the second channel eliminates it, favouring evaporation.

The best solution to forget about leg and knee pads

While testing these Finisseur Core 3/4 bib shorts we wondered why this leg length wasn’t more popular with cyclists. They are ideal for when the weather is too cool to wear shorts, but not cold enough to wear bib tights.

Aesthetically, we think that the length of these shorts, which generously go above the knee, but do not reach the height of a medium-cuff sock, is perfect. And being from the Core range, the comfort provided by the fabric means that wearing them does not feel uncomfortable in the knee area. The 45 mm siliconised elastic and inner stitching ensure a perfect leg fit and no tightness.

As an alternative to leggings, which, in addition to adding weight, add a new elastic to the bib shorts, the advantages of the Finisseur Core 3/4 bib shorts are indisputable. They are also an excellent alternative to knee pads that protect against the cold. Both leg and knee pads add weight and new elastic, and can move and hinder pedalling movements. All these worries disappear when you wear a pair of shorts like these, which are aesthetically pleasing, extremely comfortable and with all the features of the Core range.


They are the perfect length for a pair of 3/4 shorts.

Value for money in the Core range.

Extremely comfortable.


We are missing a version with a chamois pad for rides of more than 3 hours.

Technical information




Finisseur Core 3/4 Bib Shorts

Made of Italian Topazio technical fabric with UV protection, flat seams for improved comfort and reduced friction. They include reflective detailing on the back for increased visibility and Coldblack technology to reduce heat build-up.

Both the shoulder straps and back panel use different density mesh for comfort and breathability.

Chamois pad
Nice Men model from Elastic Interface’s Crossover range, recommended for rides of up to 3 hours on the road or in the mountains. 100% recycled ECO X-Tract fabric.

Leg elastic
Compression elastic 45 mm siliconized and sewn on the inside for a better fit.

Colours available
Black, Black-Yellow, Black-Red.

XS to 3XL


74.95 €

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Finisseur Core 3/4 Bib Shorts
Test: Finisseur Core 3/4 Bib Shorts Finisseur's Core range also includes these ¾ length bib shorts, an ideal garment for colder climates or changing conditions. With the comfort of the Core range and all the technology to become a regu …
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Finisseur Core 3/4 Bib Shorts

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