Test: DPV Cycling shoes and Clothing Cleaning Set

The best way to get the most out of the investment we make in cycling equipment is to take good care of the products we buy. Both clothing and footwear are materials that we use intensively, and we must take care in cleaning them if we want them to last as long as possible. 

Within its range of DPV products, we highlight in this test these two specialised detergents, a detergent for technical clothing, which can be used for both hand and machine washing, and a cleaning spray for our cycling shoes

Care that extends the life of the garments

In the technical description that accompanies each product sheet of cycling clothing in the deporvillage online shop you can find useful washing tips that will extend the life of our garments. The use of a specific detergent is one of those tips worth bearing in mind, as many technical garments use fabrics, such as water-resistant fabrics, which can be affected by conventional detergents. 

This DPV Apparel Care laundry detergent has a low acidity, which makes it particularly suitable for technical cleaning. Technical fabrics of synthetic origin are different from natural fibres, they are designed to repel water and expel it, but these technical fabrics attract the grease present in sweat. Therefore, in addition to cleaning, they help to eliminate odours caused by sweat grease.

By hand or by machine

This detergent can be used for both hand and machine washing. In the case of machine washing, it is important to remember that it is not necessary to add bleach or fabric softener, and that in no case should the water temperature be higher than 30ºC. We tested this DPV Apparel Care both by hand and machine and in addition to cleaning, it leaves a pleasant fresh scent on the garments. In fact, it will allow us to wash our garments more times, extending their useful life, as it does not damage technical fabrics, allowing them to retain their properties for longer.

Always clean shoes

Cycling shoes are one of the items most exposed to dirt and deterioration. Even when road cycling you can’t avoid puddles and splashes, and in the case of mountain biking, it’s not uncommon to come back from a ride with unrecognisable muddy shoes. 

This DPV Shoe Cleaner spray-on shoe cleaner is a very quick solution, acting in a matter of seconds and coating the shoe with a dense foam. After waiting a few seconds, the foam will tend to disappear and you can wipe with a clean microfibre cloth (kitchen towels of this type work perfectly well) to leave your shoes sparkling clean. 

For correct use of the spray, it is advisable to take some considerations into account. If the shoes have a lot of mud on them, remove it first by slightly wetting the shoe if the mud is wet, or by tapping on the sole to make the mud fall off. Then it is time to apply the spray. The results obtained have been very good, and above all it is very comfortable and clean to use, as the foam is absorbed very quickly and leaves no residue. If we use it frequently and don’t let our shoes accumulate a lot of dirt, we can keep them looking like new for a long time. 

DPV Apparel Care laundry detergent 750 ml


Works when washed by hand and machine wash.

Protects the properties of technical fabrics.

Leaves a nice fresh smell on clothes.


It would be interesting to have a smaller format so that it can be taken on trips.

More information here 

DPV Shoe Cleaner 400 ml


Easy to use.

Fast, the foam acts in less than a minute.

Leave the shoes shiny.


must be removed before use.

More information here

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