Test: DPV Bora Air Glasses

The DPV Bora glasses now have a new version that includes laser cut openings in the top of the lens for better internal ventilation. These are the DPV Bora Air, an even lighter model, weighing only 28 grams, designed for cycling and running. They still offer the same combination of protection and lightness in a variety of frame and lens colours, but are now better equipped to cope with intense stress.

Maximalist but discreet

Aesthetically we see little difference from the original model, except for the new openings. The DPV Bora Air is still a maximalist pair of glasses in terms of size, but with a discreet design. The frame is lightweight and constructed in one piece, and is available in black and white, both in glossy and matte versions. They are made of the innovative Grilamid TR90, a highly flexible and lightweight polyamide with interesting characteristics such as high resistance to thermal deformation, good flexural strength and high tensile strength.

The large, cylindrical screen offers excellent front and side protection and is available in black, red and blue. The lens is mirrored and multi-coated, to better protect us from reflections and the high brightness of direct light. With a category 3 filter lens, it is ideal for sunny days. Capable of a light transmittance of between 8 and 80%, their dark colouring makes them very effective in very bright environments.

Good support in all conditions

Despite being a mask type glasses that cover a large area of the face, these DPV Bora Air glasses feel very light and comfortable. The nose bridge is made of hypoallergenic Thermolast, a very comfortable and pleasant to the touch material that keeps the glasses in place. In our case the fit has been perfect, and using them on technical mountain bike trails, or even trail running, we haven’t needed to climb the bridge constantly. This is also helped by the fact that the inside of the temples has a rough texture that increases lateral support.

Regarding the laser-cut openings in the upper part of the lens, which are responsible for increased ventilation, they have done their job well, even when wearing a cap under the helmet when riding a bike. Sweat from the forehead tends to accumulate in this area and the openings have helped to keep us cool even on hot days.

The best protection against intense light

The DPV Bora Air are an excellent choice if you like outdoor glasses and will be using them in bright environments. The model we have tested, with red glass lenses, is not a model for sunrise or sunset (for that we would have the DPV Bora Air models with photochromic lenses), but for the central hours of the day, when light and temperatures are more intense. They are very light and comfortable, so you hardly notice you are wearing them and they have excellent support, making them compatible with mountain activities, both cycling and running.

Their design offers very good protection against insects, dust and branches, thanks to its cylindrical shape. In this case, the characteristic aesthetics of the glasses are fully justified by significantly increasing our safety during outdoor sports activities. And they do so at a very competitive price and with performance-oriented aesthetics.


Excellent ventilation.

Very light and comfortable.

Excellent protection.


At the moment they are not available with photochromic lenses.

Technical information



DPV Bora Air Glasses Matte Black Matte Red Lenses.

Glasses in mask type for outdoor sports activities, type 3 filter and ventilation openings in the upper part of the lens. Available in four frame colours and three lens colours. 

Included with purchase
Microfiber case and box.

Available frame colours
Black, Matte Black, White, Matte White

Available lens colours
Black, Red, Blue.

54.95 €

More information here 

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