DPV Andromeda Helmet

If you are looking for your first helmet, or have a very tight budget, do not lose sight of this DPV Andromeda  with which we have had the opportunity to ride a few hundred kilometres. This is one of the most economical DPV models, but at the same time, lighter and more airy.

Comfortable and airy

The Andromeda is a helmet aimed at both road and mountain bike users, having qualities for both. But if there is one thing that stands out above all else, once you put it on, it is its lightness and its ventilation or ability to keep your head ventilated.

The first is a consequence of the fact that DPV uses a lightweight polycarbonate and polystyrene foam structure. With an InMold injected shell, as used in most certified helmets of a particular class. This InMold concept joins the outer shell of the helmet with its internal structure, injecting it into the same mould. In this way, the union of both elements is very solid and makes, in case of impact, no separation between them, thus reducing additional risks of injury as causes of the fall.

The second, the feeling of ventilation it offers, is due to the infinite number of holes and ventilation channels that are generated between them. The helmet does not have an extremely large ventilation window, except for the central and rear one, but it does have them distributed all around generating an important amount of air flow that allows that when we wear it in hot days, for example, we have an extra comfort due to its generous ventilation.

Is it all good?

Obviously, a helmet of this price cannot offer the same standards of finish as top-of-the-range models. That being said, the quality that the Andromeda gives off when you hold it in your hand or put it on your head is more than adequate considering the mere 40€ that it costs.

Aspects such as the feel of the rear adjustment dial, somewhat rough when we turn it to reduce or increase the tension that adapts it to our head, or the pointed shape in some areas of its structure, make you think that we are indeed looking at a first-rate helmet. In any case, these aspects are barely noticeable in operation and the sensation it gives is that which would correspond to a top-of-the-range model.

The straps, we liked them. They certainly help to not increasing the overall weight of the helmet too much. They are perforated and very cool, something that is appreciated in summer or in hot environments. In addition, they are very adaptable as they have a soft, little-bodied fabric.

We also appreciate the inclusion of an anti-insect mesh inside the helmet that will prevent insects from entering between the helmet and our head.

Who’s it for?

Its price, sporty profile and lightness make the Andromeda DPV a helmet for many types of users. It is clear that having an affordable price makes many consider it at the time of purchase. It’s perhaps the first and most striking claim in this case. However, its performance, and we are referring to its comfort and lightness, make it even more attractive, in this case for those who, in addition to the price, especially value certain features in their head.

Final verdict

A very economical helmet but whose argument is also that of excellent ventilation, robust aesthetics and remarkable comfort when riding.


Unbeatable price

Internal ventilation

Comfort on the move


Clumsy to operate the rear adjustment dial







Road and mountain bike helmet. With InMold injected shell and structure of with polystyrene foam and polycarbonate. Micrometric posterior adjustment and perforated straps to encourage the expulsion of sweat.

Ventilation holes


Available sizes

S-M and L-XL

Colours available

Black, Blue, white and red


248 g/ size L- XL)

More information here

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