Test: DPV Abrolhos Glasses Photochromic Lenses

Designed in the wind tunnel, suitable for running as well as cycling, and with an excellent photochromic lens that makes them suitable for running in varying light conditions. These are the DPV Abrolhos glasses, now available with photochromic lenses with a wide range of light transmission.

Photochromic with style

The DPV Abrolhos have a very aggressive and sporty design. They feature an unbreakable, aerodynamic cylindrical lens and a frame that optimises airflow. In this version, with photochromic lenses, they are the best option for ultra marathons and long-distance cycling

In addition to their particular style, which underlines their athletic and energetic character, the main feature of these glasses is their photochromic lenses. The type of filter they support is not fixed, but ranges from type 1 to type 3. In other words, they are glasses that brighten their lenses in low light conditions, allowing up to 80% of ambient light to pass through, and darken them in bright light, allowing only 8% of the light to pass through. This type of lens is therefore ideal for journeys that alternate between high and low light conditions, or for use from early morning to early evening. The lenses have a light tint typical of photochromic lenses, and they are also unbreakable.

Comfortable and stable

With a very light weight, these DPV Abrolhos glasses are very comfortable thanks to their anatomical nose bridge made of hypoallergenic Thermolast and their good fit. We have tested them on very demanding mountain bike trails, riding on technical descents with rocks and steps, without them moving in the slightest. 

The rods, thanks to the integrated hinges, are shown as a single piece starting from the upper frame to the end of the rod. On the inside, the glasses have hypoallergenic rubber inserts that improve lateral grip, although their design makes them very stable. 

Unrivalled for cycle touring

With a design halfway between screen glasses and aggressively styled sports eyewear, the DPV Abrolhos photochromic glasses are perfect for changing light conditions or for use on all-day rides. Although their surface area is smaller than that of a mask-type spectacle, the differences in surface area are only at the bottom and at the side edges, where the lack of protection is less critical. 

For us, these photochromic glasses have been an indispensable part of our cycling trips. We prefer to sacrifice a little protection from the sun for the comfort of wearing lenses that adapt to all light conditions. We also appreciate its lightness, because after many hours on the road, it is appreciated that the adjustments at the bridge and the stems tighten as little as possible. These DPV Abrolhos glasses have given us all that, and at a very competitive price. 


Very light and comfortable.

Highly versatile photochromic lenses.

Good protection.


Ventilation could be improved.

Technical information



DPV Abrolhos Glasses

Glasses with photochromic lenses for running or cycling, lightweight and aerodynamic.

Included with purchase
Microfibre cover.

Available frame colours
Matte Black, Matte White.

Available lens colours
Tinted, transparent.

79.95 €

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