7 essential calisthenics exercises to practise at home

Lack of time, the impossibility of going to a sports centre, logistics and many other reasons mean that exercising at home is sometimes the best option of all. In this case, using calisthenics is very practical and effective if you want to keep in shape by working on your strength, balance, coordination and muscle endurance in equal measure.

In case you didn’t know, calisthenics refers to those exercises that, precisely, work all these qualities with the same particularity, which is none other than using the weight of our own body.

It must be clear that calisthenics is not a training method oriented towards sports performance, as its movements and exercises are developed in a static context and where strength or flexibility are prioritised more than the development of power, for example. It is a perfect solution, in any case, for athletes with little time who want to avoid a sedentary lifestyle and try to stay strong, healthy and with good levels of joint mobility and flexibility in their muscles.

At Deporvillage we have selected a group of calisthenics exercises that mobilise the muscle chains that are most involved and condition our postural health. A series of exercises so that in just 30 seconds you can keep your body in perfect balance and keep it away from the effects of a sedentary lifestyle and the excuses of lack of time or space for physical activity.

Obviously, before you decide to do these exercises, you should make sure that you do not have any injury or muscle discomfort, to avoid aggravating any previous problems.



Push-off exercise with hands placed shoulder-width apart. Lower with the elbows close to the trunk, keeping the lower back straight and avoiding locking the elbow joint in its extension movement.

Muscle groups

Pectoralis major and minor, triceps, deltoids and core muscles.

Ejercicios Calistenia Flexiones de Brazo - push-up

Australian pull-ups


Movement in which the arms are pulled by bringing a fixed bar or a support point such as training bands close to the chest. The feet are supported by the heels on the ground to reduce the weight to be moved and to facilitate the execution.

The chest is brought to the grip point of the hands and then returned to the starting position with the arms stretched out, in a controlled manner and without sudden movements. Avoid opening the elbows when bending the arms

Muscle groups

Dorsalis major mainly and brachialis anterior.

Dominadas Australianas

Declined standing push-ups


Standing with the trunk leaning forward and resting on the floor with the palms of the hands. Create a triangle between legs, trunk and ground. Swing the body forward while controlling and keeping the legs straight. Break this forward swing with the arms, avoiding abrupt gestures and performing the muscular work both in the braking action and in the backward propulsion to return to the initial position.

Muscle groups

Mainly deltoids. Pectoralis major and triceps brachii.

Posterior chain leg exercises


Progression of exercises to work the back muscles of the legs, mainly the hamstrings and gluteus muscles, as well as the lower back. Always keep your shoulders flat on the floor and slide the heels of your feet on the floor as indicated or raise one of them depending on the exercise. Move your hips in a controlled and stable manner, keeping your arms in contact with the ground at all times.

Muscle groups

Hamstrings and gluteus maximus, mainly. Quadratus lumborum, intervertebral.

Ejercicios Calistenia - cadena posterior piernas

Abdominal crunch


Sequence of exercises in progression with abdominal crunch as a common denominator. The aim is to bring the head closer to the central area of the body by means of a ventral shrug or compression, always carrying out the movement with stability and at moderate speed, avoiding traction with the neck and head. It is recommended to place the hands in contact with the ground to further stabilise the movement.

Muscle groups

Rectus abdominis, mainly.

Ejercicios Calistenia - abdominales

Hamstring curl against the floor


Lying supine or face up, place your heels on the floor. In this position, slide the heels towards the buttocks (try to do this) by exerting the back of the thigh. To stabilise the movement, it is recommended to keep the arms in permanent contact with the ground.

Muscle groups

Hamstrings, mainly.

Squat pistol


Exercise that is performed unilaterally. Performing the sitting gesture but resting on the floor with only one leg while the other leg is stretched out and facing forwards. The other flexes slowly while the back is held straight and the gaze is also directed to the front. The arms can help us to maintain balance during movement.

Perform several repetitions in a row with one leg and then the other. Follow the progression proposed in the video to evolve gradually.

Muscle groups

Quadriceps, mainly. Also hamstrings, adductors, abductors as well as glutes and core muscles.

Ejercicios Calistenia - squad pistol

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