Test: ASICS Novablast 3 Shoes

The third generation of the ASICS Novablast 3 has arrived and they are very promising. Are they still the super versatile and comfortable trainers that you’ll end up wearing most of the time? The changes in this third edition are profound, affecting the midsole and the structure of the heel and upper. Let’s see if the hype they have received is justified.

Secure and comfortable

At first glance, the new ASICS Novablast 3 make clear the changes compared to the previous model. They are high-profile shoes with an 8 mm heel drop and an even more oversized heel area, in line with a wider base design. The upper is simpler, with heat-sealed stabilising inserts only in the rear area. The great novelty is the use of the Flyte Foam Blast+ compound for the midsole, which saves weight with a less dense composition and provides great energy return in the stride.

These new features reinforce its versatile character, as it is still a good shoe for long distances at medium paces, but it will accept occasional faster paces. Meaning that they are ideal shoes to run daily and not to discard series or changes of pace with them. They achieve the difficult balance of eventually being fast if desired, but with the safety and comfort of slower shoes.

The magic is in the midsole

Comfortable and with great rebound, they propel us in an energetic way in the stride, thanks to the configuration of the sole, but they have a soft landing that your joints will thank you for. This is how we feel about these ASICS Novablast 3 with their Flyte Foam Blast+ in our first kilometres. When we put them on for the first time we noticed that the upper of the foot was quite tight, even though this time it comes with a simpler design, without the classic ASICS logo turned into a thermo-sealed reinforcement structure. It is now simply printed on the micro-mesh fabric, and only includes heat-sealed reinforcements in the heel area

The last is now wider in the midsole, which is where the real magic of these shoes lies. With increased cushioning, it was necessary to increase the base dimensions (10mm more in the heel and 5mm more in the forefoot) if stability was to be maintained. The result is a shoe that invites contact with the heel, using the structure of the sole for better transitions.

The tongue is quite thin, is attached to the sides and has a heart-shaped design on the upper that makes these shoes very comfortable on the instep by reducing pressure points. This is especially good for shoes that tend to tuck the top of the foot in a lot.

Good grip…

The outsole of these ASICS Novablast 3 features a design that is decidedly geared towards even surfaces with good grip. As a mixed shoe, we would recommend it to those runners who like to combine road running with some forays on less technical trails and paths. 

The sole design itself includes an interesting central area, which we mentioned before could help to balance that landing that tends to give more prominence to the heel. The rubber in this area has a lower profile than in the outer area of the sole, so the compression of the Flyte Foam Blast+ midsole is higher in the stride, and at the start of the take-off it propels us with greater force.

Who are they made for?

The feeling we got most from these new ASICS Novablast 3 is confidence. The new midsole offers a remarkable rebound, and the wider base and the good support of the upper part of the foot makes us dare to wear them at faster paces, because they have a firmer tread that helps to be more precise in the stride. 

They are even lighter than the previous model and, above all, very comfortable, thanks to the wonder that is the Flyte Foam Blast+. 

This versatility makes them very recommendable as training shoes which can be used for medium to long distances like half marathon as well as for changes of pace and some not very intense intervals.


Extremely comfortable and lightweight.


They give a lot of confidence thanks to their wider base.


The rubber on the sole leaves the midsole foam very exposed.

Technical information


Novablast 3

Fitting system

Made in one piece and without heat-sealed reinforcements except in the heel area.

In Flyte Foam Blast+ foam, medium density and very light.

With little tread, it includes a central diamond that acts as a springboard.


Available sizes
From 35.5 EU to 44.5 EU.

205 gr (size 39 EU).

150 €

Available colours

For further information here

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