Test: ASICS GEL-Trabuco 11 Shoes

The new version of the ultimate long-distance trail running shoes comes loaded with new features. In this test of the ASICS GEL-Trabuco 11 we show you all the improvements in design and technology: Greater durability and comfort, with better protection, lighter weight and better traction and resistance on technical terrain.

Redesigned from top to bottom

The odd-numbered versions of the ASICS GEL-Trabuco have always been the ones to introduce major new features and this eleventh version is no exception. Innovation in all areas. The midsole changes the FlyteFoam compound for the softer and smoother FlyteFoam Blast, while the shoe gains profile for improved cushioning. The upper is now better protected, especially where it meets the midsole, and the sole compound, the excellent ASICSGRIP, changes the tread pattern to gain in versatility.

Softer foam and higher profile

The midsole, which is the “heart” of a shoe, has undergone a profound transformation. The new FlyteFoam Blast foam has a less rigid feel. This softness provides a softer feel in the contact phase and as we have gained 2 mm in the profile, it gives us more energy on take-off. The shape of the midsole has also changed, being wider in the midfoot (10 mm) and in the heel (5 mm) compared to version 10, which allows for greater stability in the stride and thus dispenses with the Duomax stability system, in order to lighten the shoe.

The protection plate, which protects the foot from stones and other sharp objects, has also been renewed, with a more flexible construction. The internal GEL capsule continues to be present in the heel, contributing to the soft and smooth ride so characteristic of the ASICS GEL-Trabuco. Finally, in the heel area ASICS has used the 3D Space Construction technique, which integrates the midsole with the upper reinforcements to reduce weight and the midsole deformation without sacrificing strength.

Total protection

The upper combines the technical and light mesh we already know with protections that change their character throughout the shoe to adapt to every need. The toe protection is now more enveloping and seems less light (and yet the overall weight of the shoe is slightly lower than in the previous model!) In fact, the toe protection is extended towards the middle of the shoe to overlap the ASICS logo, another element that provides stability and protection. In the heel area, the reinforcements have been differentiated, going from a single plate to two different ones: less rigid in the Achilles tendon area and more reinforced on the sides. 

On the upper, the tongue continues to have a soft and comfortable upper, without being too thick. The side fastenings help the shoe to hug the foot very well, and the eyelet area includes a fabric loop that will help to reduce wear on the laces. A strap at the top of the upper is included for storing excess laces, as well as an elastic strap in the middle of the tongue for attaching gaiters. 

Newly designed cleats on the sole

If there is one part that has received a radical change, it has been the sole. The compound has not changed, the ASICSGRIP, a brand classic – just as effective as ever. But now the layout and size of the lugs is totally different. Gone are the days of elongated and directional lugs. The lugs are now smaller and more frequent, with a triangular shape that seems to seek traction in any direction. They are also slightly higher in the heel to improve traction on steeper descents. The triangular shape allows more space between lugs, which undoubtedly improves grip on softer terrain. Since the compound has not changed, the durability is the same as in the previous model: excellent.  

Improve on the excellent

When a shoe has long been considered the best in its class, it’s hard to imagine how to improve on it. But the truth is that ASICS has introduced many changes in these ASICS GEL-Trabuco 11, and all of them accentuate their qualities and, in addition, with a little bit less weight. The new foam makes them less stiff and softer, providing more reactivity, but the fit between midsole and upper is so good that they have not lost stability. A slightly wider base contributes to this, and although the profile is a little higher, the foot fits so well that they give us the same great security as always

We only had one drawback: the numerous paddings in the upper take a while to dry if our feet get wet, although the ventilation of the shoe is good and we didn’t find them hot. The sole is another aspect that seemed difficult to improve, the compound is the same, but the lugs now give a lot of confidence, especially in changes of direction. 

For training or trail running on technical terrain, we think they are fantastic, offering the same comfort and protection as always, with less weight and a design that takes those features just a little bit further.

Comfort, stability and grip.

They protect the foot very well.

Allow for long distance running

Difficult to dry them out.

Technical information:


ASICS Gel-Trabuco 11

Long distance trail running shoes that are comfortable and resistant, with a soft tread and good energy return, with a new design of lugs in the sole and excellent protection for the foot. 

Fitting system

In stretch mesh fabric, with redesigned all-round protections, with a soft and supportive tongue on the sides

Foam with FlyteFoam Blast compound, GEL capsule and 3D Space Construction in the heel area.

ASICSGRIP Compound with a new lug design and distribution: smaller and multidirectional, with more space between them and more prominent in the heel for more grip on descents.


Available sizes
From 35.5 EU to 43.5 EU.

265g (women) / 300 g (men)

160 €

Available colours
Pink-Black, Black-Blue-Lilac, Black-Blue-Lilac

More information here

Name of the articleTest: ASICS GEL-Trabuco 11
DescriptionLong distance trail running shoes, comfortable and resistant, with a soft tread and good energy return, with a new design of lugs in the sole and excellent protection for the foot.
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