Test: ASICS GEL-TRABUCO™ 10 Trail Running Shoes

The Japanese brand’s best-selling trail running shoes return in their tenth iteration, now with slight changes to the upper to make them lighter and more comfortable. The successful outsole with the ASICSGRIP™ compound has not changed and offers the same grip as always, with good durability and adaptability to different types of ground.

An upper with improved support

The ASICS GEL-TRABUCO™ 10 could be defined as trail running shoes you put on, go for a run, and forget about. That’s how comfortable and effective they are. With a roomier last design in the toe box, they have improved support in the upper to prevent the foot from moving too much, especially on steep descents. The toe cap has also been redesigned, with lighter rubber overlays that perhaps invite you to be more careful with rocks and other obstacles.

The upper is where the most novelties can be seen. The tongue is wider and supports the instep more easily. The fabric used, a mesh made entirely from recycled material, is more flexible, something that is especially noticeable in the toe area, where it will bend more, a critical area in any running shoe. Lateral support has been improved with new straps running from the lacing eyelets to the base of the sole, which together with the ASICS logo form a structure that will help keep the foot in place.

Few changes to their legendary midsole

There has been little change is in their superb midsole, responsible for their traditional comfort and versatility. It is primarily composed of FLYTEFOAM™ material, a lightweight, low-density foam with nano-fibres that are placed between the foam gaps to help the material maintain its integrity for the maximum time. In our opinion, the success of these shoes lies partly in this formula used in the midsole, as it is dense but not very firm and that makes them extremely comfortable.

In addition to comfort, trail running shoes must offer protection against stones and other elements that can get stuck in the sole. For this purpose, these shoes have protection that goes just under the metatarsals, the Rock Protection Plate, a plate flexible enough not to impede an efficient stride.

Complementing the FLYTEFOAM™, the Asics GEL-TRABUCO™ 10 uses the GEL™ system in the heel, and integrated between the FLYTEFOAM™ layers, another of ASICS’ flagship technologies, the DUOMAX™ compound , a denser foam located in the midsole area that helps provide stability to the foot strike.

Excellent grip on the sole

Although the Asics GEL-TRABUCO™ 10 is a very versatile shoe, a glance at the outsole shows its mountaineering heritage, as the aggressively patterned outsole hasn’t changed a bit. The ASICSGRIP™ rubber outsole lugs are not only exceptionally grippy, but also very durable. Their spacing is prone to retain more mud, but with 5 mm depth and the way they are oriented on the sole they also evacuate it easily, and above all they grip very well on all types of technical terrain.

Continuity of success

The latest evolution of the GEL-TRABUCO™ model is a continuation and that is great news. It retains its familiar qualities in the midsole and outsole, and improves the upper with more comfort and support. It is a very versatile shoe due to its comfort, which makes it a good choice in most cases, without compromising performance.

Experienced runners may not choose them for race day and opt for lighter, more agile options, leaving them for training, but for runners with less competitive needs they seem a safe, risk-free choice that won’t disappoint.

Who are they for?

When a shoe is recommended for both beginners and experienced runners, and it is equally suitable for short training sessions and for running an ultra, it is a product that can hardly be improved. That is why the small changes in this model seem to us to be correct, they do not change the essence of the shoe and allow us to continue recommending it as a safe bet, especially for those who want to enter the world of trail running with the security of a product that does not usually disappoint even the most demanding runners.


Improved upper for comfort and support.

Aggressive and grippy outsole design.

FLYTEFOAM™ midsole technology


Less toe protection.

Technical information



Fit system

3D and seamless.

FLYTEFOAM™, GEL™ in the heel and DUOMAX™ in the midfoot.

ASICSGRIP™ 5mm multidirectional heel and protective plate.

8 mm

Available sizes
From 40 EU to 49 EU.

305 gr

140 €

Colours available
Orange-Yellow and Black-Orange.

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ASICS GEL-TRABUCO™ 10 Trail Running Shoes
Test: ASICS GEL-TRABUCO™ 10 Trail Running Shoes The Japanese brand's best-selling trail running shoes return in their tenth iteration, now with slight changes to the upper to make them lighter and more comfortable. The successful outs …
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ASICS GEL-TRABUCO™ 10 Trail Running Shoes

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