5 things not to do on a bike!

The rules of “new” cycling are not so clear. We often find ourselves confused, not knowing what we can and cannot do on our bikes.

To clarify once and for all and have no more doubts, we have created this list of five things you can’t do on any type of bike.


In Italy, for example, the situation from a legislative point of view is still not very clear. We often read reports of people being fined for travelling with a high blood alcohol level, but denials are frequent. The situation is not at all clear, but here we want to give you some advice, regardless of what the law says. Our post is also meant to be an occasion for reflection and an invitation to make sure that the risks for cyclists are becoming less and less. For this reason, just as we recommend having a beer, from time to time, at the end of the route with friends, we do not recommend alcohol abuse at all if you have to get on the saddle. Remember that to pedal you have to stay balanced, and alcohol is balance’s worst enemy.


We all carry our phones with us wherever we go. We need to be located, to call for help in case of emergency, but also for more useless reasons like taking the best possible photo for our Instagram account. All situations are more than legitimate. The problem is that doing even one of these actions while pedalling becomes very risky, as if you were in a car. Moreover, in this case, the law is very clear, and pedalling with your phone in your hand can be costly.


We are the weaker party on the road, and that’s for sure. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses, they are all stronger than us. Often, precisely because of this inferiority, at the moment of a risky manoeuvre by any of them, we react by screaming at the top of our lungs. Emotions get involved and our arms start moving in all directions. This, in addition to making us less focused, also becomes dangerous for our coronary arteries, especially after a certain age.  Be brave out there, it’s important to be respected, but also to be kind.

5 cose da non fare in bici, assolutamente


Well, we are all good cyclists and have a great command of the bike. It can often happen that we leave both hands off the handlebars for a moment. Remember, though, that little ditch in the side of the road may turn out to be really invisible. Just like that little stone, which with a single touch can turn the wheel. Friendly advice: if you can, avoid it.


Another simple thing to understand, but one that we often don’t consider until it is pointed out to us. You grip the handlebars like a tennis racket. Your thumb should tighten your grip. If we simply hold it down, the hand may slip. Just a small hole and we’re on the ground.

5 cose da non fare in bici, assolutamente_2

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Stefano Francescutti

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