5 easy workouts on road bikes

There are many workout options for those who use a road bike. Do you want to get better at ascents? Do you want to improve your endurance? Do you want to improve your power?

Today we are going to see 5 super training sessions available to everyone, which will be useful to improve your physical shape.

For each of these workouts, these rules must be respected:

  • At least 10 minutes of warm-up
  • At least 5 minutes of recovery

Workout 1: Cadence

The objective of the first training session is to train the cadence and “serve to vary the rhythm” and increase speed in the case of a change of terrain (for example, from asphalt to gravel).

20 minutes of training, 2 repetitions, 80% of maximum effort.

  • 5 minutes at 60 rpm
  • 5 minutes at 80 rpm
  • 5 minutes at 100 rpm
  • 5 minutes at 110 rpm (it’s hard… but you have to try)
  • 10 minutes of recovery at a steady pace
  • Repeat in reverse (starting at 110 rpm)

Workout 2: pedalling standing up

It serves to improve fitness, strength and overall cycling performance.
We can start as soon as we find an uphill section that is not too steep.

  • 6/8 repetitions of 2 minutes each, standing on the pedals, at 80% of maximum effort (the last two at 100%)
  • 3 or 4 minutes of recovery sitting at a pleasant pace, getting up from time to time

Please note: do not overdo it with the first 6 repetitions so as not to exhaust your strength before the end of the workout.

Workout 3: Sprint

This exercise can be done both on flat terrain and on climbs, the second option being the most recommended.

6 repetitions of 3:40″ each, composed of:

  • 30″ standing on the pedals, exceeding the anaerobic threshold
  • 3 minutes sitting at 100% of maximum effort
  • 10″ of sprint standing as if you had the goal right in front of you
  • 5 minutes of recovery at a steady pace

The purpose of this exercise is to simulate the home stretch of a race: attack the opponent, sit down and set a gruelling pace, and finally get up and give it your all.

Workout 4: Power

Here we are talking about power in its pure form.

One hour of work, although if you’re just getting started in cycling, you can start with 30 minutes… and build up.

  • We pedal at 90% of maximum effort
  • Every 5 minutes, we do a 10″ sprint off the anaerobic threshold (sitting or standing)

Workout 5: Long Distances

Getting your head used to the fatigue and your body to spending hours on the bike is essential if you want to compete on a Grand Tour.

5/6 hours by bike, at the pace you want.

  • Forget about any data on your cycling computer.
  • Pedal for pleasure, have fun, share it with your friends and discover new places.

It’s all clear, right?

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Stefano Francescutti

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