3 tips to choose the right size of running shoes

Choosing the right size for your running shoes is the most important thing: everyone wants the perfect shoes.

Whether you’re an expert runner or just go running a couple of hours a week, wearing the right shoes is essential in both cases.

And to be comfortable, the shoes have to be the right size.


How many times have you had two shoes in your wardrobe, of different brands, with different sizes, and that both fit perfectly? Each brand thinks differently: Size 43 of a given brand may not correspond to the size 43 of another, and could even be, for example, equivalent to a size 41. This applies to any type of shoe, not just running shoes.

So, when you’re considering buying new shoes, especially if you do it online, learn to think in terms of centimetres rather than sizes. Measure the length of your foot in centimetres, so that you can find the corresponding size in the table provided by each brand.

But how do you measure your foot? Simple: take an A4 sheet and place it on the floor, then place your foot on top of the sheet. Draw a line corresponding to the projection of your heel on the ground and another line at the end of the longest toe, which is not necessarily the big toe. Now remove your foot and measure the distance between the two lines.

ATTENTION: Do the same with both feet, and choose the shoe based on the longer foot.

The centimetre table is the most reliable. Remember that.


It only takes 15 minutes of running and the foot gets bigger. It sounds ridiculous, but it is. In the same way, when we sit for many hours and get up, we are shorter. This is due to the effect of heat, blood flow and repeated impacts on the ground.

For this reason, it is essential to buy a longer shoe, so that the toes do not hit the tip of the shoe.


Last but not least, choose a shoe that respects the foot. There are those who have wider feet, those who have narrow ones, those who have a steeper instep and those who do not. Some people are comfortable with one brand, others may find the same brand painful.

Choosing the right shoe is very important. Often, to understand your needs, you may have to make several attempts.

One last piece of advice: everything that has been said so far, not only applies to running shoes, but can also be applied to everyday shoes.

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Stefano Francescutti

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