10 things for less than 10 euros that every cyclist should have

10 things that a cyclist must have, and that cost less than 10 euros: this is today’s topic.

No more talk, let’s start with the list!

1. Insulating tape

What can it be used for? Fix the handlebar tape, apply some to the seat post to see if the saddle drops… but it can also happen that in the middle of a ride a spoke breaks off the wheel: having tape will allow you to fix it so that it doesn’t cause any other problems.

2. Cable tiles

Another essential accessory. Very useful to solve last minute problems, but especially to keep together the cassettes, crowns, etc., when they are disassembled and left somewhere in our garages.

3. Grease

Essential in any workshop, the grease helps on many occasions. Whatever screws you have to screw in first, always remember to run them through the grease. Then for the bottom bracket, seat post, fork, etc., but also for bolting on the pedals. We mean, it is essential to have it at hand.

4. Oil

After grease, here’s another lubricant: oil. Every time we wash the chain, it is necessary to apply it so that it works well and does not squeak. A clean, well-lubricated chain lasts much longer and runs much better.

5. Mud Guards

Unless you live on a Caribbean island, it’s a very useful accessory especially for the autumn and winter seasons. There are many different types of mudguards. From the ones that are clamped on to the very cheap ones that fold up and store under the saddle.

6. Microfiber fabric

To clean the frame and chain it is useful to have a microfibre cloth, washable and reusable. Alternatively, at no cost, there are the rags that you can salvage from old cotton T-shirts that you no longer wear.

7. Batteries

Potentiometer? You need a battery. Heart rate monitor? You need a battery. Front lights and rear lights? You need a battery. I mean, you can’t do without them. Store them in the garage or carry them with you to ensure they are always charged.

8. Inner tube repair kit

Small, unobtrusive, but very useful. In case of a puncture and not having a spare inner tube, it is the only way out. In the following link we explain better how to use it. https://magazine.deporvillage.it/come-riparare-la-camera-daria-della-bici-da-corsa/

9. Levers

It’s useless to have a puncture repair kit without the tyre levers. They are used to remove the tyre from the rim and, therefore, to replace the tube. There are different types and colours. We recommend always carrying 3 on you.

10. Gloves

There are many types: whether latex or fabric, they are essential to avoid getting dirty, whether at home or outdoors.

11. Mask

True, we said 10 things… but considering the current times, here’s the 11th: A mask! Remember, never go out without it. Hopefully for a little while longer.

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Stefano Francescutti

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